These boxes can travel to your classroom (with or without a Museum staff member) at no cost. Each box contains activities and materials tailored to meet North Carolina’s educational standards for each grade level.

Do you have an idea for a box related to local history that you’d like to use in your classroom? If so, let us know! Our education committee would love to help.

Biography Box (K-12)
Box contains folders with primary and secondary sources about 45 notable local people along with a teacher’s guide and sample activities addressing NC Standards for each grade level.

History’s Mysteries (K-4)
Students will determine the purpose of real historic objects contained in the box and understand the day-to-day activities of farm families in western North Carolina during the early to mid-1800s.

Geology (K-12)
Box contains 15 mineral samples from western North Carolina and related activities addressing NC Standards for all grade levels.

World War II (K-12)
Box contains artifacts, activities, and digital media to help students learn about the Second World War and its effects in western North Carolina.