The Museum’s collection is made up, almost entirely, of artifacts and photographs donated from area families. Only in very rare instances do we purchase artifacts for our collection. We are a non-profit organization and your in-kind donations are tax-deductible.

Artifacts: As part of our collections policy, we accept artifacts that come from or were used in or by people in the Swannanoa Valley. We prefer to collect objects with a story, if you wish to donate an object please try to find out who used it, where was it used, what was it used for, and when and how long it was used, and provide this information with your donation. Our director will screen the item and help gather the needed information, then the item will go through our collection committee during a quarterly meeting. Please understand that your object may not immediately go on display. We have limited space in the museum and we may pack the item for storage for a later display. It is also in the best interest of the artifact, for the purposes for preservation, to not constantly be on display. We like to give our objects a break every once in awhile. Rest assured that your artifact will be well cared for and preserved in the best way possible.

Deed of Gift – Artifact: If possible, please print and fill out this form before bringing your item to the Museum.

Help Save An Artifact: For less than $1.00 a day you can help ensure the future of our past. The Swannanoa Valley Museum’s collections are the backbone of the museum. Preservation of these artifacts and photographs tells the important story of our past, but it is also expensive. By sponsoring a historic artifact you help ensure the future preservation of that artifact as well as many other items in the Museum’s collection.

When you choose to sponsor an artifact you will receive a photograph of and information about the artifact. Your name will also appear in the exhibit with the artifact. To sponsor an artifact, please fill out our Artifact Sponsorship Form and mail to: Swannanoa Valley Museum, PO Box 306, Black Mountain, NC 28711

Photographs: We collect photographs in two ways. You may 1) donate your photographs outright. We will scan each photograph for our digital archive. Each photo will be given a unique number, stored in a archival sleeve, and filed in our photograph archive. You will be given credit when we use your photograph in an exhibit or publication. Or 2) donate a scan of your photograph. We will scan each photograph for our digital archive and then return the photographs to you. You will be given credit when we use your photograph in an exhibit or publication.

Deed of Gift – Photograph: If possible, please print and fill out this form before bringing your photographs to the Museum.

Oral Histories: We have many oral histories already in our collection. We greatly value the stories shared by the people in our valley. We welcome new additions to this collection and would be happy to come collect your stories. Please give us a call to schedule a time. To view the oral histories available to use for research at the Museum, please click here. If you are interested in collecting an oral history from a friend or family member, please check out our Oral History Starter Questions. Do you want to donate an oral history you collected to the Museum? Make sure to fill out our Oral History Deed of Gift Form.

Other Archival Materials: We do accept paperbased-materials on a limited basis as we do not currently have a dedicated archive. Please call to inquire about how we can help you protect these important materials. Even if we are unable to accept your materials, we are often interested in making digital copies of your materials for research purposes.