Educational activities to do at home with children, all about regional history and culture! North Carolina State standards are included with each lesson.

History at Home 1: Conducting Oral Histories

What we go through today will be analyzed for many generations to come. One way to preserve these experiences is through Oral History. Oral history is the study of history by listening to people’s personal recollections as told through speech and dialogue. Every person in our community is a source of oral history!

History at Home 2: Making a Whirligig

The whirligig is a simple toy consisting of a flat disc with two central holes. When a string is threaded through the holes, twisted and then pulled taut, the disc spins and hums.The whirligig (buzzer, buzz disc, and whizzer) has been recovered at dig sites all over the world.

History at Home 3: Natural Egg Dyes

Natural dyes have been used by humans for many centuries. American colonists learned how to use natural plants to make natural dyes from the native Americans.

History at Home 4: Cherokee Games and the Cherokee Butterbean Game

The Cherokee of Western North Carolina have played a variety of sports and counting games for hundreds of years, including stick ball, chunkey, and the butter bean game. Help children learn about these games and play a butter bean game at home!

History at Home 5: Make a Rag Doll

Rag dolls have traditionally been made as comfort objects for small children. They have been around in America since the 1630s – World War II. Traditionally they have been made of scraps of left over fabrics and cotton. They began to be mass produced in the 1870s.

History at Home 6: Cherokee Baskets and Materials

With these lesson plans, kids will learn about the plants historically used to make Cherokee baskets, color Cherokee basket patterns and create their own basket patterns!

History At Home 7: Clay Marbles

Marbles is one of the oldest games known to man. Clay marbles have been found in native american and colonial dig sites across America. Marbles are made of many different materials including clay, glass, stone, and plastic. Learn how to make your own clay marbles today and how to play one of the oldest games known in history!

History At Home 8: DIY Butter

Butter has been a staple in households throughout the world for many centuries. It is most commonly made from Cow’s milk. in ancient Rome it was swallowed for coughs or spread on  aching joints. By the middle ages butter was commonly found in European cooking. The pilgrims brought it with them when they crossed the sea to the America’s. Butter has played a major role in American cooking since the beginning and still plays a role in our cooking today. So make a fresh batch and celebrate butter’s history!

History At Home 9: Ball and Cup Toy

This toy was quite popular in Europe with adults and children alike throughout the time of settlement of the American colonies. In North America it was both a child’s toy and a gambling mechanism for adults, and involved catching a ring rather than a ball and cup. Some Native American tribes used it as a courtship device, where suitors would challenge the objects of their interest to a polite game of ring and pin. The object of the game is to swing the wooden ball into the cup, which is not as simple as it may appear. The task required the development of dexterity and good hand-eye coordination. The Victorian period saw many cups and balls of quite ornate design. The cup and ball is a particularly versatile toy which can be enjoyed in solitary or in the company of others.