Birds are all around us and they are always talking! And often when they are silent, they are still communicating.  Through sounds, silences, and behaviors birds are sharing vast amounts of information about their surroundings and the whereabouts (or absence of) their neighbors both human and non-human alike.  Interpreting their language can open up a vast world that goes way beyond the avian community.  With a little practice and attention you too can tell whether a songbird is defending its territory, a house cat is sneaking around your yard, or if a Cooper’s Hawk is on the hunt.

This workshop will give you an understanding of the most common types of bird vocalizations and behaviors, how to interpret their meanings on the landscape, and an amazing new awareness of the conversations that have been happening around you your whole life.

Cost: $35 for museum members, $45 for non-members. Some fees apply.

Location: Pavilion at Owen Park, Swannanoa (specific directions will be provided to registrants closer to date)

Covid Policy: Since this is an outdoor event, masking will not be required.

About the Instructor

Since 2008 Michael Ismerio has been deeply immersed in the growing Deep Nature Connection movement to reconnect and tend our relationships to our ecosystems.  Michael is the Co-Director of Forest Floor, a youth nature connection organization based out of Asheville and runs adult programming through Holistic Survival school.   Along the way Michael has also taken deep dives into shoemaking, leatherworking, wood working, and Southern Appalachian traditional music.