We do our hikes and other events as fundraisers for the Museum, and they – along with the memberships that they bring in – account for about half of our budget. So while we cannot offer our hikes for free, we do want to make sure that they can be accessible to all who would like to do them.

Each year we offer two full Rim Hike Series or Valley History Explorer Series scholarships.

Anyone is invited to apply for the scholarships, but keep in mind that many of these hikes are strenuous and all require a significant time commitment.

To apply, please email the following to the Museum at info@swannanoavalleymuseum.org:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • A 500 word essay explaining, which hiking series you are interested in, why you want to do the Hiking program, your hiking experience and ability to complete the series, and how the scholarship would help you participate.

The scholarship is valued at the price of either 11 Rim Hikes ($500) or 7 Valley History Hikes ($280) plus a Household Membership ($55). Deadline for applications is January 1 for the Rim Series or March 1 for the Valley History Series.