Own a piece of history by purchasing a brick on or within the Valley’s geographic outline.

Columbia College (2011 redesign)Price per size brick and location:

  • $100 –4” x 8” red brick – up to 3 lines of text, such as name of purchaser and/or name of a person honored or memorialized.
  • $200 –4” x 8” granite brick – up to 3 lines of text. Will be placed on the ridgeline of the Swannanoa Valley, with the exception of major landmarks on the ridge.
  • $500 –8” x 8” granite paver – up to 6 lines of text to include the name of and placement at an identified geographic feature on or within the ridgeline.
  • $750 –8” x 16” granite paver – up to 7 lines of text including name of and placement at a major landmark on or within the ridgeline, such as early settlements, historic structures, or mountain peaks.
  • $1,000 -16” x 16” granite paver – up to 12 lines of text including name of and placement at a major developed site.

Cost of granite pavers up to 20” x 20”based on size, amount of text, and any special art work. Call the Museum for a consultation.

Thank you for your gift to the community and your support of the Swannanoa Valley Museum.

Brick and granite pavers available for purchase to complete the Valley in the Alley exhibit include the following:

(Strike-through indicates location has been sold.)

Bee Tree
Black Mountain
North Fork


Alexander Farm
Alexander Inn
Assembly Inn
Bee Tree Reservoir
Beacon Manufacturing

Beacon Village – Old Village
Beacon Village – New Village
Bear Pen Knob
Big Slaty (Rim Hike – Pinnacle of the Blue Ridge)
Black Mountain College

Black Mountain Golf Course
Blackstock Knob (Rim Hike – Patton’s Table)
Black Mountain Reservoir (Rim Hike – Cherokee Boundary)
Blue Ridge Assembly

Blue Ridge Parkway (Rim Hike – Pinnacle on the Blue Ridge, Grey Eagle Rock, Patton’s Table, Walker Knob, Buckner Knob)
Blue Ridge Pinnacle (Rim Hike – Pinnacle on the Blue Ridge)
Boggs Bunion (Rim Hike – Montreat East Ridge)
Brushy Mountain (Rim Hike – Montreat East Ridge)
Bullhead Mountain (Rim Hike – Walker Knob)
Butler Mountain
Burnett Knob (Rim Hike – High Top of Bee Tree)
Camp Rockmont
Carver School
Christian Creek

Clingman’s Peak (outside Valley; Rim Hike – Grey Eagle Rock)
Craggy Dome (Rim Hike – Walker’s Knob)
Craggy Gardens (Rim Hike – Buckner’s Knob)
Craggy Knob (Rim Hike – Buckner’s Knob)
Craggy Pinnacle/Buckner’s Knob (Rim Hike – Buckner’s Knob)
Cragmont Assembly
Dorothy Walls Center

Dougherty Heights Historic District
Eastern Continental Divide (Rim Hike – Rhododendron Rim, Cherokee Boundary, Montreat East Ridge, Weatherford Heights, Pinnacle on the Blue Ridge)
Evans Knob (Rim Hike – Rhododendron Rim)
Flat Top
Glade Mountain (Rim Hike – Rhododendron Rim)
Greybeard (Rim Hike – Pinnacle on the Blue Ridge)

Guastavino Estate (Rim Hike – Rhododendron Rim)
High Hickory Knob
High Windy (Rim Hike – Weatherford Heights)
High Top (Rim Hike – Weatherford Heights)
In The Oaks (Terry Estate)
Jesses High Top (Rim Hike – Weatherford Heights)
Jobs Peak (Rim Hike – Cherokee Boundary)
Lake Tomahawk
Lane Pinnacle
Laurel Ridge (Rim Hike – High Top of Bee Tree)
Locust Knob
Lookout Mountain
Lakey Knob (Rim Hike – Weatherford Heights)
Meadow Mountain
Mt. Mitchell (outside Valley)
Mitchell Falls (outside Valley)
Montreat College

Mountain Laurel
Mountain View Church and Cemetery
North Fork/Burnett Reservoir
Old Toll Road (Rim Hike – Pinnacle on the Blue Ridge and Montreat East Ridge)
Owen High School
Owen Middle School
Old Stage Coach Road
Peaks on the Rim Hikes (if not listed otherwise)
Patton Hill
Patton Hill Inn (Home of Polly Elizabeth Patton, wife of Davy Crockett)
Patton’s Table (Rim Hike – Patton’s Table)
Peach Knob
Potato Knob (Rim Hike – Grey Eagle Rock)
Perley and Crockett Railroad
Piney Grove Presbyterian Church and Cemetery
Right/Left Fork Swannanoa River
Rhododendron (Rim Hike – Rhododendron Rim)
Rice Knob
Rich Knob
Rocky Knob (Rim Hike – Pinnacle of the Blue Ridge)
Samuel Davidson Grave site
Seven Sisters (Tomahawk, Little Piney, Big Piney, Forked Ridge Knob, Little Slaty, Big Slaty)

Sneed’s Gap (Rim Hike – Rhododendron Rim)
Snowball Mountain
Stepps Gap (outside Valley; Rim Hike – Pinnacle of the Blue Ridge)
Sunset Mountain
Swannanoa Gap (Rim Hike – Cherokee Boundary and Montreat East Ridge)
Swannanoa River

Swannanoa Valley Museum
Tabernacle Church and Cemetery
Valley Farm
Veteran’s Cemetery
Walker Knob (Rim Hike)
Wallace Mountain
Warren Wilson College

Watch Knob (Valley History Explorer Hike Series)
Wolfden Knob

Allen Mountain

Bald Knob
Balsam Gap (Rim Hike – Patton’s Table, Walker’s Knob)
Balsam Tree
Ballard Gap
Baldwin Gap
Big Flats
Black Mountain Gap (Rim Hike – Grey Eagle Rock)
Black Mountain Old Depot
Black Mountain Center for the Arts
Bee Tree Gap/Craggy Gardens Picnic Area (Rim Hike – Buckner’s Knob)
Buckeye Cove
Buck Gap (Rim Hike – Montreat East Ridge)
Bull Gap
Bullhead Gap/Greybeard Overlook (Rim Hike – Walker’s Knob)
Cedar Cliff (Rim Hike – Garden of Eden)
Chestnut Mountain
Claudia McGraw Apron House
Craven Gap
Deer Gap (Rim Hike – Patton’s Table)
Flat Creek
Four Brothers
Garden of Eden (Rim Hike – Garden of Eden)
Goodson Farm
Ingram Cemetery
Jims Branch
John Buckner Knob (Rim Hike – Cherokee Boundary)
Lake Eden
Lake Susan
Laurel Branch (Rim Hike – High Top of Bee Tree)
Lynch Cove
Lytle Cove

Lakey Gap (Rim Hike – Weatherford Heights, Rhododendron Rim)
Licklog Gap
Mine Hole Gap
Monte Vista Hotel
Mountain House (Patton’s)
North Fork residential sites
Other Coves and Branches
Old Ice House
Patton Hill Cemetery
Pot Cove Gap (Rim Hike – Montreat East Ridge)
Potato Field Gap
Pinnacle Gap (Rim Hike – Buckner’s Knob)
Rainbow Gap (Rim Hike – Patton’s Table)
Red Rocker Inn (Dougherty Heights Inn)
Ridgecrest Camp for Boys (Rim Hike – Cherokee Boundary)
Roaring Gap
Sheep Ridge
Sourwood Gap (Rim Hike – Montreat East Ridge)
Sawyer’s Saw Mill
Toe River Gap (Rim Hike – Pinnacle of the Blue Ridge)
Walker Cove
Waterfalls (Fall Branch Falls, Glassmine Falls, Dry Falls, others)
White Oak Flats (Rim Hike – High Top of Bee Tree)

If the location you wish to purchase does not appear on the list below, please contact the Museum for a consultation.

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