While over 1,000 people participate in our hiking programs each year, for many, the primary source of information we offer is our collection and exhibits. Unfortunately, at present, not all visitors can access the full Museum as the second floor in our historic building is only accessible by stairs.

To remedy this shortcoming, we plan to install a lift between the first and second floors. The design is complete, and plans for the lift can be seen above. Through individual leadership gifts and grants, we have raised 65% of the needed amount. With your help we can reach our full goal in time to begin construction in November and have the lift in place when we reopen in April 2020! Thank you for giving your neighbors “a lift.”

All donors to the lift will be listed on a plaque adjacent to the lift. Tax-deductible donations can be made by sending a check to:
PO Box 306
Black Mountain, NC 28711

or by credit card by clicking the link below.

With your help, the Swannanoa Valley Museum can be a resource of information, education, and entertainment for all Valley residents and visitors.